COVID-19 Response

Current and new clients: Your physical and emotional health are important to me! I am providing Telehealth video therapy sessions and limited, in-person sessions at this time, with strict adherence to current state licensing and health regulations. Please contact me for information about the process for either option.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Fort Collins, Colorado

Elizabeth Vorndam, Fort Collins Therapist
Welcome. Psychotherapy is a relational process where I support you to heal from painful experiences, connect to others and thrive in your relationships, and consistently grow in the direction of your authentic self to live the life you want. I believe we are defined by our connections with others and how we interact with the world. Exploring your own unique experience of being in the world with a trained professional may well transform your capacity for healing, growth, and change. Whether you seek to adjust a system of behaviors that no longer serve you, examine relationship patterns that leave you feeling dissatisfied, or develop tools to manage anxiety and stress, you may benefit from working with me. Please take a few moments to browse my website and learn more about my approach.


If you would like a free phone consultation or to set up a first session, please contact me or schedule a session online.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”


Treatment Approach

  • Heal

    To truly heal from painful events is to move into a calm space, where you can thrive by strengthening your connection to yourself and others. My job is to help you reconcile the wounds of your past or present, freeing you up to move through life with a sense of peace, renewal and hope.

  • Connect

    Through our relationships we form our own identities and become more fully aware of ourselves. In therapy, I help you examine how you’re connecting with others, and whether through individual or couples counseling, work to construct an adjusted lens through which you view yourself and the the world around you.

  • Grow

    Someone once said, change is inevitable, and growth is intentional. It is when we lean into discomfort and stop avoiding or resisting where we have the opportunity to expand more fully into ourselves and recognize our potential.

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